Friday, December 14 | 12:07 PM | 0 Galaxy(s)
14 Disember 2012. Exactly enough 10 years Abah leave my family. If I could turn time back to 14 Disember 2002. But nothing I could do. It's already past and I already lost abah. I still remember how abah get angry with my brothers and I. Abah is very very very fierce. Everyone afraid of him. But, I know something that he was very loved his only daughter. It's ME. 10 years ago, he always keep asked me to kiss his cheek. I missed that moment. Today, I don't know if Mama, Along, Angah and Abang remember what date is today? The date that you suddenly leave us. I still can't forget how sad Mama when she hug and cried, told me about your death. That time, I still young and can't understand. But I know that you already leave us. Abah, I hope you were there when I got my UPSR,PMR and SPM result. You should proud of me. I also improve in mathematic subject. Do you remember how dumb me on that subject 10 years ago? I can't memorize 'sifir'. You always scold me. Look now, I got an A in mathemetic subject even in UPSR,PMR or SPM. Abah, I really miss you. You be good there. Al-Fatihah.


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