Tuesday, October 15 | 11:01 PM | 0 Galaxy(s)
Today, all muslims have celebrate Aid Al-Adha. Alhamdulillah. Im still have time to celebrate it. Well, im woke up early this morning. Preparing what my mom told me to do. Unfornately, my mom had to work today. So, im alone at home on the day that suppose to be the day we celebrate it with family. Yup, at first im just think in positive ways. Told myself that im usally like this. But after i heard 'Takbir', only Allah knows how i felt that time. One thing i hate about celebrate Aid Day is 'Takbir'. Its make me feel sad and remind me about my late father. He passed away on the ninth of Aid Aidilfitri Day. Thats it for sad moments today. Thanks to my friends. They make my day be the way it suppose to be. I dont know what can i do without them. This is what we called it friendship never end.
Here we are. Cool right?
Happy Aid Al-Adha!

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